Monook Fashion and Lifestyle. Sunglasses, watches, fitness, the  “Fitbuddy”, home gym accessories and much more. Our goal is to provide accessories for a well being and holistic lifestyle. 

We have been in the market for Wooden Sunglasses for over 8 years, putting us at the forth front of the wooden accessories trend. We  take into consideration the use of sustainable and recyclable materials keeping in line with a holistic lifestyle. 

Also as important, is keeping a healthy lifestyle. Therefore we have incorporated into our collection a home gym or as we like to call it the “Fitbuddy”. This is the very best solution for training anywhere you like ! you can exercise at home, in the office, in the park and you can even take it with you on holiday or on a business trip. 

Monook Fashion and Lifestyle aim is to create a portal where everyone can find something unusual. We want you to be unique and special. On the one hand it will make you feel good with yourself but also you  will feel proactive. Doing something positive for your body and also for the planet. 

In a changing world as ours, we like to innovate and be part of a movement that is responsible and keeps in line with the echo system of the planet. Our wooden sunglasses and wooden watches are hand created and meet our modern life standards. 

 Fitness and Home Gym

The Fitbuddy is made with 100% natural latex which is a very strong material and it has been designed to be practical and easy to use. It has 11 pieces out of which 5 resistance bands calibre for different weights . Two foam eco friendly handles, two adjustable ankle straps, and a foam door buckle. 

This is just the beginning but we aim to have many more accessories for home, daily life, fashion, fitness and much more.

Monook Fashion and Lifestyle is a reference point for excellence, well crafted products, good design and useful products. No doubt they will make your life much more interesting and will set you apart as an individual from the rest. 

We hope you enjoy shopping on our website. By all means please keep coming back because we will be adding new products on a regular basis. You can be sure you will always find something unique and special.

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